Grandparents guide to Twitter!

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How do I open a Twitter account? You go to Twitter and follow the instructions.

Do I Twitter on my computer or my mobile? You can do either. There are no extra benefits to using either device to sign up. Most phone platforms will have an app in their relevant platform.

How much personal information do I have to give? It is compulsory that you provide a full name, email address and create a password, anything else you add is down to you. You can hide behind a user name if you want privacy. Also you may opt to have your profile set on ‘private’. You can do this by going to; Settings>Account>Tweet privacy and tick the box. Let’s assume you sign in as @Fred;

It won’t let me do that: why not? That’s because somebody else has already signed in as @Fred. Try @Fred97, but Twitter will probably suggest some alternatives.

OK, so I am now @Fred97. Who will hear me if I Tweet? Nobody, unless you tell them where you are. You can email them, speak to them, and if you know their Twitter username you can tweet them.

I know Gladys is @Gladys43. What do I do? Great, so type in Hi Gladys do you want to follow me on Twitter @gladys53. She will be notified, and she can then click on the tweet and this will take her to your profile and she can then decide to follow you by clicking the ‘Follow’ button. From now on she will see all your tweets on her ‘timeline’.

What is a ‘Profile’? Your profile is effectively an ‘about you’ page. You will have the option to add a profile picture when you first sign up, this can be anything from a picture of yourself to your company logo, you can click on the picture on your profile to change it or add it at any time. Also, you can add a ‘bio’ in which you can put anything from; a little bit about you, your contact details or even your favourite line from a song! Your profile is the place to go if you want to view your list of followers or the people that you follow. It also lists your tweets.

Election Results!

Name Party Votes
Barbara Martin The Conservative Party Candidate 769
Jim Thornton Independent 961