Hertford Independents are people who work together with the aim to get good people elected in Local Government who are accountable to the voters and are not a political party.

Over the last two decades, membership to UK political parties has fallen by over 50 per cent.

Whilst the vast majority of the electorate remains interested in national and local issues, most people in the UK feel that they do not have a say in how the country is run.
This public frustration and disillusionment with career politicians and party politics demonstrates an urgent need for Independent candidates elected to public office.
Members of the public who support non-partisan politics are encouraged to support the efforts of the Independent Network to get more Independent politicians elected to public office.

Whilst the current party system is essential for central government, it is detrimental at local government level. What do local issues have to do with what goes on at Westminster? We need Councillors that identify with, and represent a community, rather than a political party.

We want Independent thinkers who can focus on the real issues.

Independents believe that in Local Government the concerns of the voters in a Ward should override the requirements of a Political Party. Whatever ‘localism’ means, it is difficult to see how Councillors of a political party, particularly a party in national government, can really give power to local people.

We want to find a way to engage young people in politics, and campaign to make elections easier and better informed so that 75% of electors vote in local elections, rather than the less than 40% as at present.