County Council Elections 2 May 2013

Every four years we elect our two Hertford County Councillors. This year the election is on Thursday 2 May 2013, and if you want to have a postal vote, the last day for a new application is 5pm on Wednesday 17 April 2013.

It is much harder for Independents to get elected: (a) they do not have a Party membership to help with deliveries and door knocking and (b) people are not sure what they stand for. It is also fair to say that the way we do elections is biased in favour of the major parties: an Independent has to get a leaflet out early to get the postal voters, and then another one just before Polling day to persuade people to go out and vote. Sometimes this is simply not possible, and then people are not able to make an informed choice, because they do not hear from all the candidates.

This Election, as a service to voters, you will be able to find on this website the Election Manifestos of all the Candidates as they are produced.

We want you, the electorate, to be part of the decision making process. We want you to be able to contact your Councillors and have them address the issues that are important to you. Often this is held up by party control. Councillors affiliated with political parties have to follow the party line, something which stems directly from Westminster. What do Westminster politics have to do with local issues?! We want to see a group of Councillors who represent a community, not a party.

We need to campaign for online voting: until we do, many young people will simply not vote. We also need to campaign for the Postal Voting Forms to include the Manifestos of all the candidates, and these Manifestos should also be on display in the Polling Stations.

This year in Hertford you will be voting for two County Councillors, and also one District Councillor in Castle Ward.