Jim Thornton

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I run a local business in offices next to Hertford Castle, I am a Governor of Richard Hale School and Haileybury College, and I live in the Ward in Castle Street.

If you elect me, my priority will be:

  • To support anything that will encourage job creation
  • To revitalise Hertford Town Centre and make it a vibrant focus for business activity
  • To revisit Pay-on-exit as an option for Town Centre parking
  • To try and find ways to ensure young people can get a step onto the housing ladder in the area
  • To find innovative ways to consult with voters on current issues
  • To ensure the vulnerable in our society are supported and valuable
  • Here's what the local people say:

    Loucas Xenophontos,
    Queens Road

    I am told that at school when they saw Jim play football at school they recommend he take up fencing. He may not be much good at sport, but he has demonstrated he knows how to deal with the cut and thrust of local politics, and I commend him as an election candidate for East Herts Council.

    Brian Robinson,
    West Street

    Jim Thornton and I have been fellow governors at Richard Hale School for several years now. Recently Jim's planning, construction, legal and project management skills proved invaluable in ensuring the successful completion of the new Sixth Form Centre at the School. I am certain that those same skills would be a valuable asset to the council when there is now an urgent need to breathe new life into the Town Centre. I always consider that Local Government is more about the local community than national politics, so it would be good to have a businessman, who lives in the town, of Jim's character and integrity to represent the locality.

    Helle Penson,
    Tanners Crescent

    As a former district Councillor I have worked with Jim on a range of local issues. He's a big supporter of young people and families in the local area and his enthusiasm is legendary. I always found that Jim's overriding aim was to find the fairest solution to the various issues we faced as Councillors.

    Claire Goodman,
    Ware Road

    'Independent' might suggest that Jim is arrogant and doesn't want to work with others. The opposite is the case. I have seen him bring together people who want the same thing, The St Andrew's Centre, but did not necessarily want to do it in the same way. Jim has used his project management skills to help keep focus and momentum, and it is in part down to him that building work will start on site very soon, and we are still talking to each other. He likes getting things done, and tries to bring people with him- I think that is a great asset in a politician.

    Dee Mombeyarara,
    The Waterfront

    Jim and I often discuss politics in Zimbabwe, and I know Jim supports charitable work in a tough area of the southern townships of Cape Town. If Jim is elected, I believe he will fight hard against any Mugabe tendency in the virtual one party state of East Herts Council, where there is very little creative challenging with 46 seats out of the 50 in the hands of one party.

    Viv Thornton,
    Castle Street

    I was not particularly keen when Jim was a Party Politician, and I found some of the political meetings in our home a bit difficult. Now Jim is Independent he can speak his mind more openly and freely, and if he is elected, I and the children will try and make sure he keeps his feet on the ground and his integrity intact.