Sally Newton

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I am married with a son and two spaniels. Living in the parish of Bengeo I have a great love of all of Hertford and will do all I possibly can to help the struggling County town during the current financial recession. I have served the ward and town for the past ten years.

I also support a green agenda because of my experience of the environment through being a farmer.

I look forward to being a grandparent in June and this focuses my mind to future provision for schools and health in the area.

Challenges faced in the future are many, and there will be no quick fixes.

I shall not imply I can sort everything out as this would be a false promise, but my experience at County hall over the years will enable me to work a complex system to produce the best out come possible.

Not all challenges will be successful, but my experience in health, with the police, social services, community safety, highways and education, and will endeavour to influence where ever I can.

LOCALISM will allow county councillors to have more say than ever before in local issues so I do not need to be aligned with a party.

Some may say as an independent I will not have a voice. But my experience to date under a party whip has not particularly allowed me to have a voice anyway.

I am now free to speak, and will speak out for all I represent! Whatever the outcomes… I will give you a voice!

Local issues are as important as strategic policies, and should not be forgotten just because the elections are for the county council.

  • Pinehurst Estate have ongoing worries about street night lighting, litter and possible ASB all need tackling.
  • The community centre needs continued support as does the green spaces.
  • Kingsmead and parking, working to get a sensible solution.
  • Safety around Wheatcroft School along Stansted Road, and keeping an eye of the development of the old police station site.
  • Rush Green Round- a- Bout and the queuing traffic going into the petrol station and shops! Dangerous and needs attention.
  • Flooding on the round about - highways to attend to.
  • ASB around shops and elderly homes.
  • Parking and a safe crossing at the bottom of Port Hill.
  • Increased primary school places.
  • Congested roads and highway’s infrastructures. Work ongoing.
  • To continue to support communities and charities with the county council’s locality budgets.
  • The new highway’s budget for local use.

I think despite adversity there can be exciting times ahead. The constraints of the last ten years are lifting, and as your local councillor I believe I will be able to achieve more than to date.
The mechanisms are now in place to allow me to do so!